Neck Joint Service

What is Neck Joint/ Ghost Mannequin?

While we eliminate the mannequin from the post-production, it takes place round the neck. The neck of the clothing was behindhand the mannequin. Therefore, eliminating the mannequin through editing creates this space. Our expert image editors need the picture of the neck part of the attire individually to make the joint with this space. We make a clipping path and moreover used numerous kinds of retouching methods similar shadow liquefy, then on to generate the photo natural.

Kinds of Ghost Mannequin Services

Based on the mannequin eliminating processes and regions, the invisible mannequin service has diverse categories. The cause for dividing and creating the category is not all pictures need a complete dummy elimination. Henceforth, it gets unfair to charge our customers for removing a full-body mannequin and, in actual fact, removing only a few portions of it. 

Neck Joint Service

Most of the dummy eliminating procedure starts from here. Choosing the neck area and removing it makes a gap in the backside’s internal portion, so specialists fill the gap by bringing that part from another picture. This specific image retouching service suits finest with clothing products with a prolonged neck area similar tops, jackets, shirts, blazers, etc. Famous fashion brands for example Prada, Chanel, Hermes, Ralph Lauren, House of Versace, Burberry, and many more are the finest candidates for this service. We guarantee the premium quality of this service as well as offers the greatest price possible to its customers.

Bottom Joint Service

 Attire products with a long tail otherwise backside often get cut down while post-processing professionals remove the image’s dummy. Similar the neck joint, service editors attach the bottommost part’s internal portion through cutting it from a different embodiment. So experts would need two images, one with the mannequin plus another with simply the back part of the product. Our specialists confirm correct picture cutout plus attaching the back part to make the flawless bottom joint.

Sleeve Joint Service

Jackets and suits like attire products have long sleeve, and when professional cut the mannequins palm from the sleeve part, it generates the similar gap in the internal part of the sleeve. Thus the expert fastens the missing part of the sleeve in the sleeve joint service. This service needs more focus as sometimes sleeves are tiny, small, or even see-through, and in that case, professionals must be picky about the editing we are doing.

Mannequin to Model

One more out of the box invisible mannequin service kinds is the mannequin to model transporting service. To accomplish this kind of operation, we will need two things: to shoot the models with some precise poses, and another is to shoot the dummy with the alike to match the postures in the post-processing. Here you would capture the product photograph using a dummy, and later in the post-processing professional will eliminate the mannequin and place a real model in it.

3D/360 Pack shot Effects

A consumer recurrently searches for a product and chooses to buy it only if it has an attractive image. 3D/360 pack shot ghost mannequin effect provides such a beautiful product image to its customer. Our professional hands have the experience to work on both the static plus dynamic product image. This aids us to bring out the vital feature of the 3D/360 pack shot ghost mannequin effect.



Changing an ordinary photograph into ghost mannequin photo needs a professional expertise, experience, definite equipment and courtesy to details. Our work is to make your clothing to look genuine through bring out its shapes, shading and features to life by a ghost mannequin photography. Clienteles shopping online choose ghost mannequin photography as it permits them to visualize the attire on themselves. With what is also named invisible mannequin photography, you could easily imagine how a precise garment form, texture or color might look on you.

Ghost mannequin photography conveys the clothing features to a truthfully realistic emphasis. Soft and floating clothing materials could be easily featured on a mannequin, as if this is on a real person. Though, ghost mannequin photography needs a full commitment and specialist touch. There is a definite preparation that requires to take place to confirm that ghost mannequin photos are true to life pictures. It needs garment preparation, removing of dust and dirt, steaming, appropriate attention to details, clothing manipulation and handling, inventive vision and detailed knowledge of the photograph editing tools.

Advantages of Ghost Mannequin Service

The advantages of precise Ghost Mannequin Services for photographs are more significant to display your products. Altering the shadow of a photograph expands needs a diversity of methods to add to a stock photograph. Drop shadow could change the entire look of an image. For online products plus e-commerce, need to restore a product in several copies. It can entice clienteles. 


Drop shadow is the disastrous truth that can make the skin look gloomy from time to time. But of course, because of a simple makeup fix, we have color correction concealer. Reach for the purple corrector to regulate the yellow plus uneven tones. This is the way to neutralize the existence of any spots. In contrast, you could focus on a color corrector while you need some brightness. You can moreover try painting with a broad brush plus mixed lavender concealed at the edges of your face for an enlightening effect. 

Who needs ghost mannequin & neck joint services?

Attire product photographers with a target to impress the clients and e-commerce retailers who wish to entice more customers typically prefer ghost mannequin and neck joint service the most. Furthermore, jewelry and other decorative gadget photographers plus businessmen use this service to professionally present their products to the clients.

Neck joint service along with ghost mannequin services are rather popular and much required services for style and clothing retailers, garments brands, jewelry businesses plus e-commerce stores.

Real life models need a big sum of money to appoint and worked with. They are too costly in some circumstances.  The mannequin place a nice display for the products photo-shoot. But, it is boring while you consider it in the online set-up and specially, from the viewpoint of the purchasers. To avoid all these problems and disruptions, neck joint and ghost mannequin service could be a viable solution for ecommerce dealers and photographers. It confirm the premium look plus at the same time, reduces the cost. If you want to optimize an apparel image as stated by the clients’ choice, you require to use online ghost mannequin services.

Clients do not like to click on chaotic products and images and third-party features get the maximum ‘add to cart’ possibilities. Ghost mannequin image editing services eliminates the mannequins plus optimizes the pictures for the simplest view. It furthermore makes them client-friendly.

Therefore, it upsurges the real-life sales however strengthening brand value.

Final verdict: 

The Ghost Mannequin Service needs expert designers. Many of whom are graphic design experts in We offer quality shadow service for all types of images. Irrespective of your order’s size, we are dedicated to providing you with a satisfying plus quality experience. You could have a chance to use our trial service. If you get satisfied service, please order next time toward welcome you to provide our service at a sensible price.


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