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What Is a Image Masking Service?

Image masking is one type of photo editing service that is used in Photoshop to remove background.  Image masking is a noteworthy feature of Photoshop used to choose the images that appear impossible to select, such as hair, focused outlines, clothing stands, chain link fences, and fur photos. It is an advanced-level photo editing service.

Why Do We Need Masking?

There are a lot of advantages, which image masking offers you. So, let us take a look at these benefits.

  1. Isolate the chosen image

The service provider could isolate your images and cut out the undesirable part with the image masking method. It can aid you in easily extract the image you want. You could crop the image from the background very easily.

  1. Modify the pictures

Suppose you want to showcase your product and services in print ads similar to magazine covers, canopies, brochures, standees, etc. In that case, image masking could help modify the photos that need to be showcased in the print advertisements. It provides touch up to the pictures to improve their utility and efficiency.

  1. Gives modified background

You could turn a boring photo into a stunning and interesting photograph with the help of image masking. You can use modified backgrounds in your images to make them look smart. The product in the image could be highlighted by altering its background color with the help of image masking.

  1. Reuse image with a diverse background

If you have spent a good quantity on the photography of your products, then you perhaps want to reuse those pictures. With the help of image masking, you could use the previously isolated image in a new background with numerous types of effects. Image masking could give diverse dimensions to your pictures as well as make them look more exciting.

 Image Masking Service Category

Layer masking 

Photoshop Layer masking is immensely used among contemporary photo editing companies. This technique can use for the most common purposes. This procedure is used to make an image entitled for business, fashion, or otherwise personal uses. The main viewpoint is to adjust the ratio of revealing otherwise blurring one or numerous portions of an image.

Alfa channel masking

The technique is a mixture of image masking and clipping path. This technique is useful when photographs comprise mostly backgrounds with a single color. In this kind of masking, subjects of photographs get separation over background removal. The separated subjects are recognized as the alpha channel. Alpha channels are saved distinctly so that they can be edited anytime for any use.

Vector masking

Unlike other mask kinds, which are pixel-based, vector masks are different and used to clip out contents of an image with pen otherwise shape tools. As it’s twisted with pen tools, the mask decides visibility over the drawn paths.

Though, the vector mask delivers sharp edge finishing of the object cutting out from the background.

 refine masking

Such a method becomes obligatory when an image requires to have a more realistic look than before. Over refine edge masking, a subject of an image can get soft edges. Therefore, that will prove the picture to be natural and accurate.

The main purpose of such a procedure is to make photographs attractive and capable of delivering the motive behind the click.

Who Needs Image Masking Services?

For anybody who needs to remove the background of a soft edge photograph like hair or fur, advanced masking will help you. Furthermore, when any person edits a lot of photographs, which is indeed a hard job. Moreover, photo editing is not only time-consuming but also requires patience and skill. Furthermore, the picture requires to be realistic after editing. For this cause, this service is required.

Professional photographers sometimes need to separate the object from the photograph. This masking method is the best solution for these kinds of problems. But, Advanced masking helps to generate photos for clients in digital and print media.

The people who own an e-commerce site do not have sufficient time to eliminate the  backdrop. We help them to get additional time to focus on the business. Finally, without appropriate editing, you cannot anticipate a good change in the products and items. Thus select for your masking requirements.


In the photo editing industry, the prominence of image masking is infinite. By the time you already received a deep knowledge about a masking tool in Photoshop and its uses. You might discover many methods to get the benefits similar to the masking services. But to get a striking look of an image with less time requires an image masking service.

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